Reasons to Visit Lake George this Winter

Reasons to Visit Lake George this Winter

Lake George is considered one of the most attractive summer vacation spots for residents of NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and even Montreal.

However, very few people from these areas realize that it is an amazing and unique winter destination as well!

What is there to do in Lake George in the winter? Lots! It literally becomes a winter wonderland, full of fun activities for all ages! If you are suffering from cabin fever a winter weekend getaway in Lake George will surely be able to cure you!

I must admit that before moving here from Italy I was anxious over the thought of spending winters here, however, Winter has now become one of my favorite times of the year!

In this article I would like to explain some of the reasons why this is the case. The list of outdoor activities in the area is long and diverse, so I will not be listing them all, however, I’d like to mention a few of our favorite winter activities in this post. I’ll start with my favorite:


Snow Mobile in the dark blizzard

Snowmobiling is by far my personal favorite winter activity, and here in Lake George there’s plenty of over the top places to enjoy it!

To read our post on Snowmobiling along with informative links CLICK HERE.

Flying across the ice of the lake is invigorating —to say the least— if you follow some basic precautions you can do so without any worries of falling through.

The lake freezes usually freezes through hard enough to support the weight of a train! However, before you decide to go on the lake take a look at the suggestions that can be found on the following link from Snowmobiling In Lake George.


Everyone should experience the Winter Carnaval celebration on Lake George at least once. That’s right “ON” Lake George! There are many fun activities that take place on the lake during the weekends of February —this year will start half way through January.

The lake comes alive not only with snowmobiles, but also with quads and dirt-bikes. There is usually a race track that is prepared for official races on the ice. The track is usually open to the public during the week so you can try driving your own car ON Lake George!

The video below gives a good idea of what it’s like to bring your car on the lake!

A children’s favorite —also one of mine ;-)— is the dog sled team that for a small fee will take you for a ride on the lake on a sled pulled by an authentic dogsled team!

The outhouse races are comical and entertaining even though they are a bit strange! There too many other activities to mention here, however, I plan on dedicating a post to the subject in the near future. For now you will probably enjoy the following page dedicated to the winter carnival: As of the date that I wrote this article they still had the information from 2016, here soon they will update it. However it will give you a good idea of what to expect.

If you plan on staying a while and want a change of scenery, within driving distance is Saranac Lake, which also has an amazing winter carnival. In 2012 National Geographic actually named it the second best winter carnival in the world! First celebrated in 1897 it is also the longest-running event of its kind in the eastern U.S.! Its’ 10-day festival is packed with sports, performances, parades and spectacular fireworks.


Men and Woman on the ski before sport action at sunny day around mountains under blue sky.

The Adirondacks offer some great skiing and around Lake George there are several great options! Many adventurers have chosen Lake George as a sort of home base to try out several ski resorts on one trip!

To find out where to go CLICK HERE and read our post on Skiing in the Adirondacks.


Some other activities that might attract your attention are: snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing, polar plunging, ice skating, enjoying a drink at an ice bar or even just sledding with your kids in the park!

I could go on and on about the wonders of the winter up here but I think I’ll stop now 😉 Remember this is coming from someone that a few years ago didn’t like the cold!

I am sure that you will enjoy your trip up here this winter if you decide to go ahead and give it a try!

Narrow road covered by snow at countryside. Winter landscape with snowed trees, road and wooden fence. Cold winter day at countryside mountains village scenery,

Our Inn is closed for the winter, we’re too busy having fun. 😉 Joking aside we aren’t set up for the winter, however, there are several options in the area. The following link may help you find a place:

We do open back up in May, so if you want a great place to stay from May through October don’t hesitate to contact us! Lake George Winter Lodging.