A trip to the Adirondacks would hardly be complete without taking some time to enjoy the awesome natural beauty that the mountains have to offer. What better way than to go hiking with your partner!

The Adirondacks offer spectacular hikes with amazing views! In fact Adirondack Park has over 2,000 miles of trails which makes it the nations largest trail system! With such extensive trails it should not surprise you that there are hiking trails to suit anyones needs.

Of course our site concentrates on the romantic aspects of travel to the Adirondacks and there are plenty of trails that offer a nice relaxing and awesomely beautiful setting to enjoy each others company in a stress free environment. There are also plenty of trails for families with children. There are shorter hikes to ponds and waterfalls, or steeper hikes that climb up to summit peaks or lookout towers.

This article will mention three popular hikes that are close to and easily accessed from Lake George Village.


This is local favorite! One reason may be that it can be accessed right from the village, however, the amazing view from the top and the sense of accomplishment that you get after climbing there are surly the main reason for its’ popularity. As you can probably see in the picture below that we took from Prospect Mountain.

The peak of the summit is 2,030 feet. The trail is almost three miles round trip (2.7 m) and starts just ⅓ of a mile behind our B&B/Inn. The trail starts on Smith Street with a walkable bridge that goes over the I-87 throughway.

The skill level of the trail is considered to be “moderate” to “difficult” so it will pose somewhat of a challenge if you are not an avid hiker. However, if you are not up for the full challenge you can climb to the top of the summit in your car on the Prospect Mountain Highway and enjoy the view in a more relaxed kind of way.

Once you get to the top of the mountain the views of the Lake George, the village and the Islands are spectacular. You may be surprised also at the facilities that you will find.

The site was once home to a historic hotel that took advantage of the view to attract clients. Interestingly most of the trail up follows the original funicular train that climbed the mountain in the past. While the hotel burned down years ago, you can still find some of the original foundations, including part of the funicular building. There are also bathrooms, picnic tables and —just in case you want shelter from the sun or rain— a nice pavilion with tables under it.

Since we cater to couples that would like a romantic experience, we would like to mention what some of our guests have done. Some couples enjoy physical exertion in the outdoors, in which case the hike can be a great bonding moment. However, many times it is the men that enjoy the hiking more and the women that enjoy the leisure at the top of the summit. This having been said, some of our guests have found a nice solution: they meet at the top. While the man enjoys the hike up, the woman take a nice drive up in the car. They then proceed to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at the top together!


This is another favorite amongst the locals, many of which choose to anchor their boat in Log Bay then swim ashore and take the hike up to the summit. An experience that is well worth the effort!

The trail can also be accessed by car on a scenic route that is about 40 minutes from the village, by boat it usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes. You can choose to climb the mountain (Shelving Rock) or hike down to the water fall, (Shelving Rock Falls) which you can see in the picture that we took there:

The hike to the waterfall is 2.5 miles, it was originally and old carriage road (part of the Knapp estate) and so the skill level of the trail is considered to be “easy”. This makes for a more leisurely and romantic stroll in a beautiful surroundings. Among other things you will see a beaver dam along the way, however, the truly romantic atmosphere comes once you reach your destination: Shelving Rock Falls. As you can see in the picture below the falls are beautiful!


This hike can be done along with the Lake Shore Trail or on another day. The access point is the same. The hike up to the top is 3.4 miles round trip and it can usually be done in about an hour. The skill level of the trail is considered to be “easy” although there are some steep points. Some of the trail is also part of the carriage roads that formed part of the Knapp estate.

The hike is well worth it for the beautiful lake views that you will get at the top, although not everyone gets them! This is because at the peak there is not that much of a view, although just after the summit past a small grassy opening there is a narrow path that leads to an amazing view of the lake!


Kiss - couple kissing romantic at hiking sunset sharing embrace enjoying sunshine and love on beautiful hike in mountain nature landscape. Young couple in love.

Wherever you choose to spend you time, the important thing is that you take the time to breath the fresh mountain air, take in the beautiful Adirondack scenery and enjoy the company of the loved one that accompanies you!