Read Reviews From Our Guests!

We take great pride in our guests’ satisfaction and the enjoyment of their stay here! We are pleased that the overwhelming majority of our guests have left very happy with their vacation in our B&B/Inn.

Many comment on what a refreshing and invigorating time they had and many couples add that their stay here was just what they needed to rekindle their relationship!

Many of our first time guests have commented to us that the reason they chose us over other places was because of the many good reviews that they had read about us. So we decided to include these reviews on our website.

We decided that the best way to do that was to include reviews that we don’t control, i.e., reviews from Travel Advisor, Yelp, Airbnb, etc. Of course that means that you will get the “negative” reviews along with the good ones, allowing you to make an unbiased decision. As of the date of writing we have received hundreds of reviews and only one negative one, so I believe that one should be taken with a grain of salt 😉

Below you will find links to some of the reviews that we have gotten so far:


Facebook is not only a great way to keep in touch with friends, but many people don’t realize that it also offers a review page for businesses! To see reviews from our guests on our FaceBook page CLICK HERE.


Airbnb was one of the first sites that we started using, they include reviews and also unanimous ratings on the page of each room. With Airbnb we don’t have one page that contains all of our rooms, rather we needed to break them down by room. So you can read the reviews for each individual room by clicking on its’ link : Romeo’s HavenThe Giulietta SuiteShakespeare’s Den — The Renaissance Suite — The Verona Suite.


Yelp is one of the most trusted and fastest growing places to find honest reviews. Here is a link to our YELP page with its’ reviews. CLICK HERE.



TripAdvisor has long been a staple for travelers that want to check a place out before going, here is a link to our TripAdvisor page CLICK HERE.


Our Google+ page also contains some reviews, however, they don’t seem to allow direct linking to it. If you CLICK HERE to google “Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway” the reviews should appear on the righthand side of your screen.




We hope this helps you out and we look forward to meeting you if you chose to stay with us!