Lake George is by far one of the most beautiful place I’ve lived in in the United States —those who know me know that I’ve lived in many different states, cities and towns. When I first decided to come I was very excited about the summers on the lake, however, I must admit that the rest of the year seemed a little daunting. However, I am about to start my third year here and can honestly say I am just as happy with the other three seasons!

Most people see Lake George as a summer vacation —as I did. Few realize that it really should be a year round destination. Let’s take a brief look at the other three seasons and why they are a good time to visit Lake George.


There are not many places that can compare to the beauty of the fall season here. The warm days are perfect to spend in the outdoors and the crisp nights are great for enjoying a bonfire, or a romantic fireplace with a nice glass of wine. To top it all off the colors are spectacular!

The hiking is great since it isn’t too hot, and the colors make for a great backdrop. There are also many activities in the village —concerts, markets etc.— that are particular to the fall season and make for a festive atmosphere.\r\n


Pair of wooden adirondack chairs in the snow in front of the frozen Lake George

The winter season is arguably better than even the summer months! Once the lake freezes over there is a magical feeling in the air. The snowfall is usually abundant which allows for many winter activities and a romantic atmosphere.

While many of the businesses are still closed down for the winter months there is still a lot to do here! If you like snow mobiles then you will be in heaven! On busy days there will be hundreds of snow mobiles racing across the lake, many of them switching between some of the many state run trails that stretch for hundreds of miles and many of which are connected to the lake. There are several places that rent snowmobiles if you don’t have one of your own and would like to try it out.

Have you ever gone cross country skiing or snow-shoeing? There are plenty of places to try out and enjoy such activities. Many come for the ice fishing and its’ abundant catches. If you’ve never tried it the experience is great and the rewards delicious!

We are also close to some great skiing, West Mountain is only about 15 minutes away, you can get to Gore Mountain in about 40. Vermont has some great skiing also, Killington and Bromley are both about an hour and a half away, so a day trip would be easy to do.

The highlight of the winter of course is the winter carnival activities that take place late January and into February. The activities are usually planned right on the lake and make for a great and unique experience! We will be writing more about that in a future post.


I think we are all prone to at least a little bit of cabin fever here in the Northeast! Once spring finally comes around it seems natural to want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and Lake George is a great place for that!

The trees start to sprout leaves, the flowers start to bloom and the town comes alive as well! There are many activities in the area that are perfect to breath some fresh air such as hiking, boating, fishing or just walking around the town. The restaurants and of course the shopping can keep you satisfied as well.

Many come to the area because of the maple syrup as well. There are bountiful maple trees and several maple syrup farms in the area. New York is the second largest producer of maple syrup in the US and neighboring Vermont is the first, so you have plenty of places to choose from whether you are looking for good deals or just curious about the process.


The chamber of commerce recently had a meeting that they called “Lake George 365”. The meeting discussed in detail the many reasons that Lake George should be considered a year round vacation spot —365 days of the year. The business members were all encouraged to stay open year round, many of them accepted the idea readily, although recognizing that it may be a challenge at first.

The problem isn’t the lack of attractions in the area, the main problem is that traditionally most of the businesses close down after Labor Day to reopen for Memorial Day. If we could change that then the village would be a very welcoming place year round!

The newly opened Marriott —which curiously is street number 365— will be open year round and focusing much of its’ attention on attracting skiers to the area. The Marriott has 119 rooms and also houses 15,000 square feet of conference and banquet space in addition to businesses on its’ ground floor. They are planning to market all of this to attract year round visitors to Lake George.

Here at Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway we have decided to do our part and keep our Inn partially opened year round. In the winter parking gets a little difficult for us because of the snow, however, we have enough room to keep one or two of the rooms open even in the winter months.

We look forward to seeing you and hope that you enjoy the year round attractions that Lake George has to offer!

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