Home-style Italian dining in the Adirondacks!

One of the most frequently asked questions from our guests is: Where should we eat? We have several suggestions that we usually give, however, we decided that it would be a good idea to include periodic posts in the blog section of our site that can give some suggestions and ideas on where to dine in the Lake George area.

We decided to highlight a unique restaurant in our first post: The Dancing Ewe. Although it is not located right in Lake George it seemed appropriate to start with them since the owners —like us— moved to this region of New York from Italy and —like us— decided to try and bring a piece of the Italian culture here to upstate New York.

More than a restaurant The Dancing Ewe is actually a sheep farm and cheese factory, one that offers amazing homestyle Italian dinners in a unique and romantic setting.


If you have never had a multi course home cooked Italian dinner, then you need to experience it! If you have experienced it then you know how great an experience it is and will surely want to experience it again! There are not many places in America that offer a genuine experience like this one.

Seeing all of the products that were produced locally, the pasta fresca, pecorino, wine, etc. really took me back! I had to keep reminding myself that I was in New York and not on a Tuscan farm!

The dinners are kept small in order to keep the quality of the food high, so reservations are necessary in advance. The dinning hall accommodates up to 40 people. The price of the meals is all-inclusive, in the package you get a tour of the farm, an almost endless meal (the food keeps coming) and abundant tuscan wine.

The menu can be found online on their website (click here to access the menu).


The dinning area is an elegantly decorated dining hall that was transformed from an old barn. The atmosphere is very pleasant and romantic. The menu of the multi course meals constantly change, but is sure to be home-made using local products —many right from the farm. Which is the main reason that the menu changes regularly.

Most of the ingredients that are not available from the farm are purchased from nearby farms, so you can be assured that the ingredients are fresh and high quality. I say “most” of the ingredients because there are a few that are not from the area… However, this is a good thing, the olive oil and wines are brought over from Italy! Jody and Luisa actually pick the olives from Luisa’s family’s farm in Tuscany, they prepare the olive oil, fig preserves and Sott’oli in Italy over the winter and bring them back!


The Dancing Ewe is open from May to December, during these months dinners are served on Saturday nights and lunches on Sundays. They are also some other specific days that meals are served.

For example they are planning a mother’s day dinner. They also plan a notte sotto le stelle (night under the stars) sometime in July. This is an extra special dinner that is held in the middle of a hay field in a surprisingly romantic setting.

Before planning a visit check their website for times and details. You can see their “events” section HERE.

We hope you have enjoyed our first post on dinning in the Lake George area. We will add post periodically on the subject in order to help our guests enjoy the best dinning experiences that the area has to offer.

Sheep Grazing at the Dancing Ewe
Sheep Stable
Aging Pecorino
Aging Pecorino