Enjoy a Romantic Fall Getaway in Lake George!

Here in Lake George the end of the summer does not mean it is time to pack up! The many “snow birds” in the area that head for Florida are missing out on a lot of fun. In fact it is one of the best times to enjoy a romantic weekend getaway!

The fall colors are an example of that! In reality the fall is one of the best and one of the most romantic times that one can visit the Lake George area.

Imagine taking a leisurely stroll along the serene lake, enjoying the warm sun and the vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and green leaves reflecting on the lakes surface. It is hard to imagine that there can be a more romantic fall setting! That is until you are enjoying the crisp night air together in front of a warm fire while sipping a hot beverage under the clear night sky. Or maybe you would enjoy a relaxing conversation cuddled up in front of a fireplace indoors after a delightful day of fun activities together.

Fall is definitely a great time to visit the Lake George area! Lets consider some of the activities —other than the obvious ones we just mentioned— that you might want to enjoy in the area.


The best time to enjoy the fall foliage and go “leaf peeping” in Lake George is usually in the first two weeks of October, although the actually peak depends on various meteorological factors and can typically extend into the third week. Obviously the higher elevations —being cooler— peak first. So even if Lake George —being a bit lower— isn’t in full swing, the surrounding peaks will offer stunning views.

We highly suggest taking a boat tour on the lake. Maybe even enjoying a small campfire fire on one of the islands for a few hours. There are plenty of boat rentals and guides, we offer our guests special rates on our boat, or you may choose to rent your own. The Lake George Steamboat Company also offers nice leaf peeping tours on their larger cruise boats.

Many use Lake George Village as a “leaf peeping” base in order to explore the peaks of the Adirondacks and the beautiful rural roads of Vermont with their famous covered bridges.

While you are in the area you may wish to enjoy in some of the activities mentioned below


Fall is apple harvesting season and apple picking is a surprisingly fun way to spend some time quality with your partner.  The crisp fall air combines perfectly with the crisp apples and sets the stage for a good time and great healthy food!

Most orchards in the area offer activities and food. If you have never had hot apple cider along with apple cider doughnuts then you are missing out! You will probably also opt to take home some of the fresh local products such as the jams, pies, honey, and other freshly baked goodies.

Although there are several orchids to choose from, our favorite orchard is the Saratoga Apple Company. It is located on the outskirts of Saratoga, about a half an hour away from Lake George. Check their website for times, prices and dates of activities that they offer: SaratogaApple.com

Another idea along the same line is visiting a pumpkin patch. You can pick a pumpkin and likewise enjoy many fresh products that are offered in one of the local pumpkin patches.


Many of our guests have commented on the wonderful hiking in the area. The fall is a great time to hike for several reasons. One is that the cool crisp autumn air is much more comfortable to hike in that the hot summer air. Another is that the fall colors really add to the experience. At times you will feel like you are inside a fish aquarium as the bright foliage blows all around you.

Prospect mountain is a local favorite and a great choice! It is easily accessed from the village and even easier from our Inn, situated just a couple of minutes by foot behind us. The hike is about One and a half miles up and another mile and a half down (3 miles round trip).

Once you get to the top you will feel a huge sensation of accomplishment as you take in the amazing panoramic views of Lake George and some of its’ islands! If you don’t have time for the hike you can also opt to drive up to the top of the mountain by car, however, the hike seems much more satisfying!

Some other local favorites are: Shelving Rock, Sleeping Beauty Mountain and Black Mountain.


\r\nThe fall is also a great time to enjoy some horseback riding with your partner! A great place to enjoy horseback riding is located a few miles from Lake George in the the quaint town of Lake Luzerne.

This is a great place since there are several stables to chose from. Bennett\’s Riding Stable offers a combination of evening horseback riding and dinner. Or maybe you would enjoy topping the day off with a rodeo show at the Painted Pony Rodeo, also located on the outskirts of Lake Luzerne.


If you have not ever experienced the Adirondacks during the fall season, then you are in for a real treat, it is definitely worth the visit!

In this article we have gone over just a few of the enjoyable activities that you can enjoy here in the Lake George area, there are many more.

We would be happy to have you stay with us here at Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway!

Shore of Lake George in overcast day.