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Boathouses: Houses “on the Lake”

One of the first thing I noticed on my first visit to Lake George were the beautiful boathouses that can be found throughout the lake. 


Most of the high end lakefront properties in Lake George have nice boathouses on the lake. Due to the cold winters these are very practical, however, they go far beyond being practical! A lot was put into most of these boathouses to make them beautiful and unique.

Photo credit: EEngler via / CC BY-NC-SA


Some boat houses make living rooms out of the enclosed dock area. A great thing about that is that you can relax in your “living room” while keeping an eye on the kids while they swim right next to you!

Another idea that I love is that many boathouses actually put apartments or in some cases entire houses above their enclosed boathouse! That means you have a close up lake view in almost every room of the house, if you want you could even dive out your kitchen window in the morning!


Photo credit: midlander1231 via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC

If you visit Lake George take the time to notice the many varieties of boathouses on the lake. You will see that they come in all shapes and sizes. You may want to try going on a private boat tour of the lake, or you may want to try on of the larger cruise ships. However, you go one thing is sure: you will enjoy your time on this spectacular lake!


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