Romeo & Giulietta's Hideaway Inn

About Us

While living along the Adriatic coast of Italy, Kimberly began entertaining the idea of returning to Lake George. She had been told about a beautiful little piece of Paradise in the heart of Lake George Village. The property was complete with 4 suites, and a separate residence for her.

After talking with her son Jonathan and his wife Ana Lucia, they also decided to leave Italy and help her realize her dream of running a B&B.

They got started right away decorating and remodeling the property in a unique style that strived to recreate the romantic Italian atmosphere, not only in the interior of the suites, but also the gardens were given a European feeling!

The name: Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway fit perfectly since Lake George reminded them so much of Lago di Garda, which is very close to Verona (Romeo & Giulietta’s ‘hometown’).

It was decided to use the original spelling of Juliet (Giulietta) since they were striving to recreate the Italian atmosphere as authentically as possible.