Welcome to Lake George the “Queen of American Lakes”

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Welcome to Lake George the “Queen of American Lakes”

Lake George has been coined the “Queen of American lakes” and it is not hard to understand the reason! Its’ pristine waters, crisp clean air, vibrant vegetation and hundreds of unique and fascinating Islands combine to create a magical place will leave you breathless! We hope to assist you in planning your visit and getting the most that you can out of this truly unique place!


This is the official website of Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway Inn, an award winning B&B/Inn situated in the center of Lake George Village. The purpose of this site is not only to inform our guests about our property and activities in the area, but also to promote Lake George as a romantic destination.

Lake George has been know for decades as a great family destination and a great outdoor adventure spot. However, not many are aware of the wonderful romantic experience that Lake George can offer to couples. Many of our guests have commented how their stay in our Inn/B&B and the wonderful activities that they enjoyed together while here did wonders to rekindle their relationship or to bring them closer together!

So, along with providing information about our property, suites and amenities we will also strive to provide couples with some ideas to make their trip more memorable. The “Blog” portion of our site will regularly contribute ideas for enjoyable activities that a couple can do in the area.


Here at Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway Inn you will easily loose track of time! It is a great base to explore the Adirondacks from and especially to enjoy all of the wonderful activities that Lake George Village has to offer. Of course even if you never left our property your stay would be complete! Enjoy relaxing with your partner in our gardens, sipping a cappuccino in our breakfast nook, or simply rest in your beautifully furnished and romantically decorated suite!

Whatever you chose to do with your time, you will savor every minute of your stay together here at our Inn/B&B! We have a total of 5 finely decorated romantic suites to choose from. A lot of our furnishing were brought over from Italy, others were purchased here in the states, however, all contribute to the renaissance style decor that adds so much to the atmosphere of the property.

The Inn is family run and very different from the commercial style and atmosphere that is so common in a typical big hotel! Many of our guest comment about how they feel like that are visiting family when they come and stay with us. Of course with a big difference: they have a lot of privacy! Four of our suites are located in a beautiful stone unit in back of the main house, each suite has its’ own entrance, private bathroom and kitchenette. So, different from many B&B/Inns, privacy is not an issue.


It all started with Kimberly, who seems to have been raised specifically to run an Inn. Kimberly’s household has always been reminiscent of a B&B and she was told many times that she should open one. This was mostly due to her social personality, her ability to make others feel welcome and her abilities for creating beautiful atmospheres. But also because she always seemed to be entertaining guests from all over the world.

Although her family moved quite often she spent most of her teen years growing up on Lake George (mostly in Bolton Landing). She left the area while still in her early twenties however, the area always had a special place in her heart. Events in her life took her all throughout the States until she finally settled in Italy. After years enjoying life in Italy she started to reminisce about Lake George. Her older brother had returned to the area and finally convinced her to return. Her son Jonathan also decided to leave Italy and brought his wife Ana Lucia and their daughter Joanna along with him.


They invested in a beautiful piece of property right in Lake George Village that included several guest suites. As much as they loved the Lake George area they felt homesick for Italy and so decided to try and recreate the Italian atmosphere as closely as possible on their property. They started remodeling the suites with a very romantic tuscan flavor. The gardens were also redone in order to recreate the feeling of gardens one might find in a typical Italian Village. They certainly succeeded in their efforts, many of their guests that have been to Italy are surprised at just how authentic it all feels and many of the Italians that visit are reminded of their home towns!

Their work on the property was so remarkable that they were awarded the VILLAGE OF LAKE GEORGE 2016 BEAUTIFICATION AWARD. Each year the town picks the business that they feel made the most stunning changes to their property and in an award ceremony in Shepard’s Park the Mayor hands out the award. Kimberly comments that when she saw they were up for the reward she was happy, but never imagined that they would win since they were up against some pretty big names, however, to their surprise they were given the award!


The name of the Inn —Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway— came about in an interesting way. Lake George reminded them a lot of Lago di Garda, which is located on the outskirts of Verona. Verona is the “hometown” of Romeo and Juliet (Giulietta in Italian). It is where Shakespeare was inspired to write the play, the house that inspired Juliet’s balcony is still there and has become a tourist attraction.

The likeliness of Lago di Garda to Lake George made them brainstorm ideas connected to Romeo and Juliette. Until they settled on the idea of Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway (keeping the Italian spelling of Juliet).

They continued with the theme as they named the separate suites coming up with names such as: Romeo’s Haven, The Giulietta Suite, Shakespeare’s Den, The Verona Suite and the Renaissance Suite.


As was mentioned earlier Lake George is a great place for couples to enjoy each others company and rekindle or strengthen their relationship. Staying in such a romantic atmosphere can increase the effects a hundredfold! ENJOY YOUR TRIP AND THE COMPANY OF YOUR LOVED ONE HERE IN LAKE GEORGE!!!